Sit smart for a healthy body and mind


"Sitting is the smoking of our generation."


Darma wants to solve that

Darma is the world's first smart cushion that monitors your posture, sitting habits, stress level, and coaches you to sit better.

Take control of your sitting habits to improve your physical and mental health

Maintain an upright posture

Darma tracks your posture and suggests stretching exercises to compensate for the strain on your body

Adopt healthy sitting habits

Darma records your sitting time and alerts you when it's time to stand up

Manage your stress

Darma monitors your heartbeat and respiration rate and notifies you when your stress levels are too high

How it works

Cutting-edge sensors embedded in comfortable cushion

Darma contains patented 1mm-thick fiber optic sensors inside a custom-made multi-layer memory foam that ensures optimal comfort

Non-invasive monitoring of sitting behavior and vitals

Darma passively tracks your posture and sitting time as well as your heartbeat and respiration, resulting in a powerful feedback loop

Personalized coaching

Darma provides actionable coaching, from stand-up reminders, to posture advice, to tailored stretching guidance and breathing exercises, all based on your particular behavior and habits. It communicates all of this through an iPhone and Android app

What experts are saying

"Darma is non-wearable and non-intrusive, unlike most of today's health-monitoring techniques. By sitting on Darma, it captures the information in the most relevant situation - sitting."

Dr. Joan Vernikos, Darma's Health Advisor

Former Director of Life Sciences at NASA