Darma Pro $199

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  Monitor Your Sitting Time

  Watch Your Posture

  Manage Your Stress

Darma is the world's first smart cushion that monitors your posture, sitting habits, stress level, and coaches you sit better.

Built-in sensor accurately and wirelessly tracks
how long and how well you sit, reduces your sedentary
time and coaches you to sit better by sending you poor posture alerts and stretching guides.

Track your breathing rate, heart rate and stress level, help you better understand & improve your health status, and prevent potential diseases.

Provides comprehensive analysis of your daily sitting habit & vital signs into report and be your personal health consultant.

Data syncs automatically and wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 from cushion to your phone. Historical data could be recovered from backup server if you have switched devices.

Last up to 2 weeks when fully charged.

Downlaod Darma IOS / Android App to experience Darma cushion.

Fine material, comfortable and durable, a perfect fit for most chairs.