Darma sleep products aim to provide sleep and safety monitoring and health analysis for elderly and disabled people. Darma offers a comprehensive solution, including a sensor, mobile app, cloud service, and an analysis system.
Solution Overview
Safety System & Fall Prevention
Darma provides a comprehensive safety monitoring system, making sure that caregivers are at the bedside before the patient leaves the bed. Other alarms offered:
1) Bed Exit Alarm
2) Sleep Apnea Alarm
3) Respiratory Rate Alarm
4) Heart Rate Alarm
5) Abnormal Circumstances Alarm, such as floundering and frequent body movement
Sleep Analysis
A Darma sensor records the minor vibrations in the human body and analyzes the data captured to present a comprehensive sleep quality analysis to better understand your behavior during sleep. Darma reports:
1) Sleep quality, including deep and light sleep, movement, and positioning
2) Actions such as bed exit
3) Sleep and awake time
Vital Signs Analysis
A Darma sensor can accurately detect respiratory rate, heart rate, and HRV and analyze your health status to a medical level. Based on the captured data, the App will record the following data and store it for future reference:
1) Respiratory Rate
2) Heart Rate
3) HRV
Remote Monitoring & Long-Term Tracking
The data tracked by the sensor will be transferred to the Darma server, and family members can monitor the data at any time. The Darma back-end system has an independent database for each user to track their long-term health status, particularly in the early detection of patient deterioration. The data is stored in the cloud system permanently and serves as a valuable reference when seeking medical treatment.