Darma Fiber Optic Sensor
Darma fiber optic sensors use optical detection principles to capture the micro vibrations in the human body caused by heart beat and respiration. With our unique advanced algorithms, vital signs are extracted for further health analysis, so that users can view their health information at any time. Darma products can also be used in health safety monitoring for seniors and patients for cases such as falling out of bed, as well as remote health monitoring by doctors or offsite family members.
Darma sensors collect the heart rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability (HRV). With this information, we provide an analysis of your sleep quality, body movement, and health status.
We monitor your stress levels, and generate specific health and disease prevention reports. These reports can be used as early detection and taken to a doctor if abnormal data is presented.
Health security, such as falls and emergencies, and remote monitoring, by a doctor or of another family member, are also included.
Darma offers a front-end app, web dashboard, back-end data management and analysis, and hardware devices.