We are a digital health company. Our cloud based service shifts the paradigm of continuous patient monitoring from “alarm and alert” to “predict and prevent.”

DARMA combines our patented, clinically validated contact-free fiber optic sensors with advanced algorithms and machine learning to create a continuous remote patient monitoring platform.

We help people take ownership of their health and live healthy lives. For care providers, our digital health platform addresses the full spectrum of care from wellness, safety and prevention of adverse events to chronic condition and complex care management.


DARMA Cloud is a SaaS platform which combines our innovations in Ballistocardiography with data science, shifting the patient monitoring paradigm from alarms and alerts to predict and prevent adverse events. Our SaaS cloud platform alerts patients, caregivers and family members of abnormalities, provides clinicians and researchers with advanced diagnostic tools to recommend preventative measures and proactive steps before health issues become worse.


DARMA Solutions

Our clinically validated Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions consist of contact-free bed and chair sensors for measuring heart rate, respiration, bed occupancy and sleep. Our SaaS cloud platform delivers real time monitoring, alerts, historical trends and adverse events.

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