and prevent back pain with Darma’s personalized guidance

Stand-Up Reminders

Darma take into account your stress level, sitting time, and posture, and motivate you to get up at the right time.

Posture Reminders

Darma alerts you to bad posture and how to correct it, and match your goal by tracking them.

Guidance for Relief

Darma provides personalized stretch guidance to relieve back pain, and tracks those small behaviour changes that make big differences.

on the Darma smart cushion

A health tracking device you don’t have to wear!
Just sit down, and Darma will guide you step by step when you need.

your sitting habits and how they influence your health






Our Health Advisor

- Dr. Joan Vernikos, former Director of Life Sciences at NASA

“The DARMA device is non-wearable and non-intrusive, unlike most of today’s health-monitoring techniques. By sitting on the DARMA cushion, it captures the information in the most relevant situation - sitting”


The new technology behind Darma

We spent 5 years researching fiber-optic sensor technology to develop a thin (1 mm), high-sensitivity sensor that can record your body’s micro-movements (patent pending).

Our goal was to take this expensive technology and make it affordable, and we’re proud to offer it to you now.